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D+CONtrol hopes to slow down the stimulus to your brain for a little while, allowing you to think. with the tv on, the stereo raging, and the telephone in your ear delivering the latest stress and gossip, you can feel busy your whole life without actually feeling much else. your mind is fully occupied just trying to keep up. this is the easy way out…fast food for your brain. please don't click on the blinkiest thing on that web page, think about what you see. take a moment. slow down. use your head.

DeCONtrol has humbly undertaken the serious task of showing people art. our intention is simply to make more good art available to more people. we show work by artists who care about what they do and who produce meaningful works of sensual glory in any and all media. D+CONtrol began in 1999 as a medium of personal expression for its creators. we eventually began showing art by friends, and then by people we met only through the internet. many collaborators came and went, and we all had a heck of a good time. as the site matured it underwent several redesigns, but always stayed true to a singular functional goal - to abandon the obvious in favor of interface design that allows for unguided exploration by newcomers and quick, consistent navigation by frequent visitors. the latest incarnation of D+CONtrol, version 3, emphasizes clarity and simplicity with the intention of creating an environment conducive to thoughtful contemplation. our hope is that the design of the website will enhance your enjoyment of the art that we show here. painting by pat conlon is artdesign by george shaw is art the decontrol gallery has been online for many years, delivering fresh modern multimedia art via the internet